About the RPG Rating System

When deciding whether or not to join an RPG, many members say that among their most important considerations is the rating.

How much swearing, sex, and violence can I expect?

The RPG Rating System lets admins assign a level for how much harsh language, sexual content, and violence is allowed at your rpg.

The Rating was created because ratings for other media just didn't quite fit with what roleplayers needed. The rating is not a value judgement on content - it doesn't mean that using bad words is Wrong - but rather, it's a way for roleplays to know how intense that content is so they can decide what they enjoy.

The Rating Explained

Each letter represents a type of content.


Each type of content has a rating. They can be generalised as...

0None allowed.
1A little bit here and there is allowed.
2Generally permitted, but nothing extreme.
3None (or few) limitations.

Actual rating descriptions are somewhat more specific. See the Rating scale for more detail.

Rating Scale

Each type of content is assigned a rating so visitors know in general what kind of content might be present at what general degree of intensity.


A Rating of 111 might represent a site with just a little strong language, some making out, and mild violence.

A very commonly used Rating that might indicated content more or less consistent with young adult novels.

This Rating doesn't necessarily mean that the rpg will be a free-for-all, but that generally, mature themes can be expected.


Who rates my site?

You do. RPG admins should use the form to determine their rating and create an image.

How do you enforce it?

We don't. Members should use the rating as a guide, not a guarantee. It's in the admin's best interest to use the rating that most closely matches their content.

How do I know exactly what's allowed?

We recommend RPG Ratings be accompanied by a more detailed code of conduct, which your site probably already has. The RPG Rating is meant to provide an at-a-glance overview of the site's general content limitations.

What's wrong with the MPAA ratings?

You know: PG, PG-13, R, etc. The Motion Picture Association of America is a private body that rates movies based on their content according to undisclosed criteria. There are no actual rules about what is and isn't PG-13, and the rating isn't broken down into categories for different types of content.

The MPAA is also in the business of attempting to describe what's 'clean' and what isn't, and who is old enough to see what.

The RPG Rating System is a scale, not a judgement.

Do I have to credit you?

Nope. The system is free to use for non-commercial purposes. You may use the Rating System with or without our branding, with or without notifying us. You are free to copy our descriptions and explanations for the purposes of explaining the rating to your members.

You do not need to link back. You are not required to post our button.

Where can I find RPGS that use RPG Rating?

The RPG-Directory uses the rating for all RPGs in its directory. We are not affiliated with RPG-D but are very happy indeed they work with the Rating. :3


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