What is the RPG Rating?

For many RPG writers, one of the most important considerations in choosing a new RP is the rating.

The Universal RPG Rating System allows admins to show new members how much harsh language, sexual content, and violence can be expected. Nice!

The RPG Rating Explained

Each content area can be assigned a level of intensity, resulting in a quick three-digit RPG Rating.

No swearing or mature language permitted. No sexual content permitted. No violence permitted.
Infrequent, mild swearing is permitted. Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted. Mild violence is permitted.
Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations. Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations. Explicit violence is permitted.
Swearing and mature language is permitted. Sexual content may be described in detail. Extreme violence is permitted.


Who rates my site?

You do. RPG admins create their own ratings to reflect the rules and culture of their own rpgs.

How do you enforce ratings?

We don’t. Writers should use the rating as a guide, not a guarantee. It’s in RPG admins’ best interest to use the rating that most closely matches their content.

How do I know exactly what’s allowed by an RPG Rating?

We recommend RPG Ratings be accompanied by a more detailed code of conduct. The RPG Rating is meant to provide an at-a-glance overview of an rpg’s general content.

Why not just use ____ rating instead?

Why not MPAA (like PG, PG-13), ESRB, BBFC, etc instead? The short answer is online RPGs are different than movies and video games.

The RPG Rating System was created to address the specific concerns of the online RPG community. RPGs are unlike movies, video games, and television in that many writers are constantly contributing new content, and most media ratings are designed to advise parents on the appropriateness of content for their children. Most RPG members who are concerned with content are making a judgement for themselves based on these categories.

The RPG Rating System also makes no attempt to evaluate appropriateness or morality with the rating – it simply states what content is present to what level of intensity.

Do I have to linkback or credit RPG Rating?

Nope. This system is free to use for non-commercial purposes. You may use the RPG Rating System with or without our branding, with or without notifying us. You are free to copy our descriptions and rating scale for the purposes of explaining the system to your members. You may create your own RPG Rating image.

You do not need to link back. You are not required to post our button.

Do not use sell or use RPG Rating for profit.

What RPG Rating is allowed by my forum host’s TOS?

Some forum hosts disallow certain mature content, however even a low RPG Rating should not be considered an assurance that a site is in compliance. If you have questions about what’s allowed by a forum host’s TOS, contact the forum host directly.