RPG Rating Updates

April 2017 Updates


Bug Fixes

  • RPG Rating images briefly inaccessible offline Apr 7, 2017
  • RPG Directory briefly offline Apr 7, 2017
  • Font Awesome fixed


  • If you haven’t noticed, I gently curate tags.
  • Remember, if you need your entry changed, email info@rpgrating.com


  • Approx: 108 RPG Ratings generated this month

March Updates

  • Platforms now show up in the directory search result and individual RPG entries


  • Approx: 230 RPG Ratings were generated this month

February Updates

Here’s what new in February:

  • Directory entires can now be sorted by platform.
  • If you don’t see your platform in the list, add it in the tags and we’ll switch it over manually.

Still working on some bug fixes.

January Updates

Here’s what’s new at RPGRating.com for January 2017:

  • New website design
  • New rating images, designed to be easier to read at a glance.

And big news: RPG Rating Directory is here!

  • RPG admins can add their RPG Rated sites to a simple directory
  • Directory is searchable by keyword, ratings, and tags


  • How do I edit my directory entry?
    • At this time, you must contact us to make edits to your entry: info@rpgrating.com
  • Do I have to link back?
    • Nope

Welcome to RPG Rating

Welcome to the new RPG Rating! Since things got going in 2010, we’ve continued to refine our goal of making it easy for RPG admins to clearly rate the content level of their community which, in turn, made it easier and easier for writers to find their next RPG community.

I’m thankful for the support and constant feedback so we can keep the RPG Rating a useful and relevant tool.

Tune in here for regular run-downs of bug fixes, feature improvements, and more.